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small hummingbird – Aug 22, 2014

Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.Norman Vincent Peale

Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.Lao Tzu

Outside the window, every day at the same time, a small blue hummingbird comes to the feeder to drink. The beautiful tiny bird flits close, hovers, then flits away. Bro hummingbird ( we know he is male due to the beautiful blue bright colors) comes every day at the exact same time. His confidence that the feeder will be full fills my heart with warmth as I know i am trusted by yet another one of Great spirit’s creatures. Wow, how amazing is this. My three amigos, my pups, lately have become clingy. See, when we were having our grandson, the three amigos were at the boarders, where the pups have stayed many times. Yet, this time, when I got home, the three seem to stay at close to me as each one can get. At the same time every day, I get the bowls out, clean and fresh ( thank the gods for dishwashers) fill the water bowl, again, I know I am trusted. Most people know that when i write these daily blogs, I’m talking to myself as much as everyone else. See, since as far back as I can remember, most likely what I contracted before my birth, I wanted to e the one that at my funeral, people said, Oh she brought me soup when I was sick, or held my hand when i cried. ” So knowing i am trusted is important. Yet, no one is perfect in their thoughts, their actions, ( predictions come from spirit thank the gods, not deborahmills), so this last week has been trying on my soul. I tell this only to see how we need to battle the negative thoughts that try to plague us, because each of us is important to the universe, someone, somewhere be it even a boss, trusts us to keep our word. that guy, that woman, the child we love, trusts us to love even through the dark battles each one is fighting as well. The glitches in this system, the slowing of calls, my own site slowing down, no matter what specials, free minutes, free shipping, ! AGH! perhaps I am on the wrong path, what am I doing wrong. We all know what i’m talking about, the times when everything, everyone seems to battle every word, every action we take, we just think, ” I won’t do anything.” Yet, here comes hummingbird, here comes the pups, here comes the older woman down the street that we DO take soup to every Wednesday for her lunch, here comes the time we have promised to write our daily email, to turn on the phones. Late, as our spiritual battles to overcome negativity had to be fought a bit longer today. Yet still, there is that ONE person that spirit wants to talk to, channel the message, there is the one person who wants to order the love candle, or one of my books. Just one person today, Great spirit knows trust me to do what I say. So here I am. Coming to the tablet again, pen, paper in hand. Later I will go check on Bro Hummingbird’s feeder. See, he comes because he trusts, there is food there. Yet, My sweet mother watches to see him as she trusts that he will come to remind her once more that there hope, there is joy still in her world.

animal totems: Hummingbird- we know we’ve written about hummingbird before, but since he is coming everyday to me, the message is coming to me again. Yet, as we think about this totem, yes, the medicine of joy, of happiness, is strong, yet the reminder of this totem’s faithfulness to believe, to trust, to have faith that our needs will be met. That Great spirit will take care of our needs, will provide our desires. Bro Hummingbird although tiny reminds us that no matter how small, how unimportant we feel, Great Spirit will take care of us.

I am here my usual hours. I stay right in front of the computer and phone. if there is a keen problem, please let me know so I can contact c.s. to fix the problems. may the fairies dance around us all. love ya, Me, Cherokee, cidro, Frankiecapone, sugar Fortune Cookie, t and the sweet spirit of bob and bets..

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