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Moonzies by Deborah Mills
Tarot Readings and Palm Readings


There is a hope inside a hope a desire we cannot hide, a dream we can’t let slide without fears we can’t abide, the doubts we try to take in stride and soon we will see how glorious life can be – deborahmills © 2020

Inside all of us, we have dreams,  we hold hopes, we have true love and compassion for others.  There is chances and changes that will come that when we pay attention, we listen to spirit messages, we will be able to move and work and believe in them. We have been given talents, intellect, wisdom, but most of all we have been given the ability to love. When we love, we can dream  Dream on, Dream big, Dream

Animal totems:  Snail.  Sister snail is slow.  She moves at a very slow rate but she always gets where she is going.  She is more tenacious that people know as she will continue on her path.  She has a shell on her back that she can curl up in to protect the softness within. Her totem reminds us to protect our dreams fully and with determination hile her medicine shares to continue on for good.

Healthy hippie hints:  Peppermint oil:    Peppermint is a good herb to grow in your window garden.  There are several good uses for it along with making peppermint candy.  1. The aromatherapy of the scent fills the home, office with a pleasant odor that will help keep up energies, bring clarity to mind, and dispel apathy.  Zing a sad person with a waft of peppermint, will perk right up.  2.  Use as a mouse, roach, insect repellent.   I have no spiders, roaches, water beetle, crickets, or mice in my house due to peppermint oil in every corner!! 3.  Grow or use around gardens as it will keep deer, squirrels rabbits out of our crop.  Do not put directly on our plants as peppermint can burn a bit. 4.  Use with a bit of upset stomach.   Peppermint oil Is good for digestion.   5  put a bit in the bath. Now don’t put too much as it will burn our skin if we are not careful, but peppermint oil help with muscle aches and arthritis pains.

I am here until 12 noon today.  on Monday, Wed, Fridays .  then back at 5:30. On Tuesday Thursday, and Sat.. I stay on until 1.  Sunday and Monday during the day I am off.  Being 66 years old, and human need more rest time than others.  May the fairies dance around each of us today. Love ya,  Me

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