Tarot Readings and Palm Readings

That’s life (that’s life) that’s what people say You’re riding high in April Shot down in May
But I know I’m gonna change that tune When I’m back on top, back on top in June – Dean Kay & Kelly Gordan

 Maybe I didn’t love you  Quite as often as I could have  And maybe I didn’t treat you  Quite as good as I should have but you were always on my mind – Johnny Christopher, Mark James

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion. Dalai Lama

The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others. Albert Schweitzer 

Frankiecapone, my border collie rescue pup still trembles at a cross word or a raised voice.  Tension in the air sends him to his place under the bed, or worse yet trembling in a corner.  His sensitivity to energies often reminds us that energies give out energies.  Often times, we don’t even realize how scattered, harsh our energies are until we see our poor boy cowering somewhere.  Yet he knows he is loved.  Frankie is the one who each day jumps on the bed, every inch of his body wagging with joy to see us once again.  Thank the gods that this intelligent being forgives the worries others put him through, and knows beyond a shadow of doubt that we love him. People are often like this.  Battered, bruised, beat up by life, feeling afraid at the smallest slight or problems, we hope in this work to give a bit of hope, the knowledge that we are loved. When we give out love, we will have it returned.  Sometimes as time passes, we find it hard to forgive, but when we forgive, we send love, we get the whole body wagging with love.

Animal totems:  Snow bird:  Bro Snow bird is actually black-headed wren.  The ancients believed that Snowbird brings messages from our passed over loved ones.  His totem heralds the coming of snow, to remind us to find a place of warmth, both physically and emotionally.  His totem reminds us to seek out people who will feel loved from to return the love. His medicine shares with us the ability to not worry, Divine will give us our needs and dreams

Lady Moon is Waning Crescent today.  The 4th house of values, principles, is in Libra the scales.    So we are heading to the Yule/Christmas/Hanukeh weekend.  Wow.!  So we are ready to make eggnog.  :  Combine 4 cups milk, 5 whole cloves, ½ teaspoon vanilla, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, in a saucepan, heat for 5 minutes at lowest setting, then  allow to boil.  In a large bowls, whip 12 egg yolks, and 1 ½ cups sugar together until fluffy.   Whisk hot milk mixture into the eggs and sugar very slowly whisking the whole time.  Pour mixture back in the saucepan, cook over medium heat, stirring constantly for 3 minutes. Or until thick, again know your stove.  Stirring consistently do not allow the mixture to boil. By stirring it will keep it from boiling,  take off heat and strain to remove the stick whole cloves.  Let cool for 1 hour.  Stir in 2 ½ cups light rum, 4 cups light cream, 2 teaspoons vanilla and ½ teaspoon of nutmeg.  Refrigerate overnight before serving.  Can make without rum if a tee-total. Drink responsibility,  Don’t drive.  Have a designated driver.

I am here my usual hours today.  I do so want to share with each person spirit sends.  May the fairies dance around each of us today. Love ya, Me, Cherokee, Frankiecapone, Sugar, Apache, Apollo. T