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The clouds opened up to show the brilliant sky,  Father Sun bright  with the light shining high, rainbows of colors dance on the grass, the dew twinkling like colored glass,  the birds start to sing with the coming dawn as the squirrels play tag along the lawn, and so I open my heart to the day and long to hope I can say peace and love in every way. – deborahmills © 2020

Each day we have a new chance to open up our minds to new ideas, thoughts and hopes.  Our lives take twists and turns that sometimes no matter how much we plan, organize, re-arrange but in the end, something shifts and life changes.  In 5 minutes, before we even have time to look for visions, dreams or answers, the tide changes, our lives change, but we can still adjust, and look, and work toward our dreams. Dream on, Dream big, Dream

Animal totems:  Bird:  Birds are the symbol of freedom. Flying high in the sky with the clouds, any birds open up the possitibilities of moving gtoward the dreams.  Bird totem reminds us to be free and open to new ideas, while his medicine shares with us to fly toward the dreams

Lady Moon is Waxing Crescent to the Full Moon.  She remains in Virgo today.  Remidning us to stay grounded in love relationships.  Use eucalyptus to open up the elarity of mind, heart and will help with allergies, sinus issues.

I am off this am as usual this morning. I will return this evening at 5:30 as usual. May the fairies dance around each of us today>love ya, Me.

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