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Tarot Readings and Palm Readings


Ah Love. How does it call to you?  How does it speak to me?  How can we know when its true. How do we know when it comes to be?  Ah Love the quivering of the heart,  the open minds the open souls, two worlds seem apart, come together as one whole.  And so wondrous beautiful smiles, hands that long to reach out and touch, become for just a little while, what we hope and dream for so much and then with happy new days,  opens up the happy talks, we look for new ways to really walk our walk to peace and love – deborahmills © 2020

We all long for love.  Some of us need more attention than other people.  Some of us are content to have a few close people we can count on, and we are comfortable on our own more often than not.  But there are others, who long for crowds to adore them. Which is okay.  We need performers, entertainers, politicians( yes, we still need good leaders, lol ) and so each person, unique, in their own ways belong and make up a good tribe. And will help us find the path to dreams. Dream on, Dream big, Dream

Animal totems: Swan:  Bro swan is another animal that mates for life.  He adores his mate as well as she does him.  They together protect their babies, and dance to win their mate.  Swans are born a little awkward, sometimes called the ugly duckling, but as he grows he becomes beautiful and majestic.  His totem reminds us of eternal, long lasting love and faithfulness while his medicine shares that we protect our tribe

Healthy Hippie hints:  sage:  growing sage in our gardens keep down the weeds and smaller animals coming in to get at our produce   Sage is good for eating spicing up dressings, and salads.  Use sage in small bowls in the corners of the house to keep roaches, ants and mice out!   Sage has long been used by many cultures for cleaning negative energies from the home, office.  A technique called smudging where a stick of bundled sage lit with a match, will start smoking.  Opening the windows and using a feathered fan, many cultures believe it will clear out the negative and frustrations of life. Sage smells a bit like pot so some add cedar or white pine to it, but the aromatherapy has been known to have a calming effect on pets who are anxious or overly active as well as adults. 

I am here my usual hours this morning and again this evening.   May the fairies dance around each of us today. love ya , Me

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