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one very important aspect of motivation is the willingness to stop and to look at things that no one else has bothered to look at. This simple process of focusing on things that are normally taken for granted is a powerful source of creativity. Edward de Bono

Your talent is your art. It is not to be taken for granted. Paula Abdul

I now know that things I always thought I could depend on can crash in an instant. Because of the love that I have been shown, I now know what it means to be ‘beloved.’ I now know that no breath is to be taken for granted. Rebecca Wells

The breath slows, taking in deep long gulps of sweet scented air of jasmine, lilacs, and honeysuckle sprinkled in wafts of rose that the early morning breezes blow to us. We sigh, as we awaken our senses to the thoughts of yet another day like yesterday. We forget that all life changes, moves in rhythm of breath, of life, ebb and flow of the sea. If we are given the dream, believe in it, don’t take the new day for granted, but believe it, dream it, breathe, it, live every second of every minute with the ups the downs, the sads, the glads, experience the flow, the movement. Live, dream, believe.

 Animal totems: Thrush: This morning watching out the window, I see in the bird bath under my tallest Bro oak, song thrush. As he splashes water over his head, flapping in the warm water heated by Father sol, The sun, his chirps are as songs of hope. His totem reminds us of the possibilities of today, of the potential of a whole new fresh page in our book of life. His medicine shares with us the hope of believing in our new morning

Lady moon is waning gibbous .  She enters Gemini at 9:32 pm est while the Mercury stays in retrograde creating its havoc, to help the Twins bring conflicts to the surface, to be resolved.

I am off this morning as usual . I’ll return in the evening.  May the fairies dance around each of us today. Loveya, Me Cherokee, Frankiecapone,Sugar,Apache, Apollo,T