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Tarot Readings and Palm Readings


Orange and white tom cat sitting in my lap, be’s settling down for a great long nap..  yet there’s so much I need to do, chores to work, doors to walk through, but yes as he sits here so happily,  purring away with glee,  I decided to sit and wait,  there was no worries about being late, just to help with peace and love – deborahmils © 2020

We are always so busy.   It seems as if we try to fill up every minute of every day with busy and forget to stop for just a minute.  Gather our senses, hear our own thoughts or the inner voices of the gods.  We are almost afraid of being with out noise, movement or busines in case we learn we don’t like ourselves or our lives.   And we don’t trust our own dreams.  Dream on Dream big Dream

Animal totems:  Tabby Tom Cat:   Tom cats are pretty lazy on a general basis. But they are mischievous, quick and seemingly able to become invisible in a heart beat.   They will find a deepest, darkest cubby hole.   The tom cat is highly skilled at achieving his goals.   His totem reminds us we can be balanced and still achieve the goals we dream while his medicines shares to spend time lying in the sun dreaming dreams.

Healthy Hippie Hints:   organizing and cleaning house.   As we go through that desk drawer one more time, looking for the bill or mail we are sure we put there.  Getting stressed out as we know that bill is due today, we start throwing things all over the floor knowing we won’t have time to put it back together.   So then there’s a bigger mess.  Organize, label, get rid of clutter.  Do the mail each day the minute you get it, pin on a bulletin board a bill due on 7th to a big calendar, the bill on the 9th, tack to the 9th.  When we use something, say the scrubbing Bubbles instead of leaving it by the bathtub, put it right back in the closet or rack where it belongs.  Use file folders and put that paper right back in the proper file.   Declutter, clean, and slow down.  Less stress, less worries

I am here my usual hours today.   I will return back tonight at 5:30 central as usual.  May the fairies dance around us all today. Love ya, Me,

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