Tarot Readings and Palm Readings


The robins dance across the grass,  as the children look through the window glass, bees and butterflies swarm at sweetpeas, while squirrels play in the trees,  Spring is here, although so are rains, but then the sun comes out again, reminding us that all life changes, brings hope and rearranges our lives to include the joy, the attitude of peace and love – deborahmills © 2020

There is a good day today. Yesterday might have been a little hard but today is another day.  Changes come every day. Some we make ourselves, through reflection, thinking outside the box, but some just come. So we adjust, renew, and think about how to handle the new changes with grace and dignity and to continue to dream . Dream on, Dream big, Dream

 Animal totems:  Kamoda dragon:  We often think dragons no longer exist. But this smaller version reminds us that there were dragons, and he is the last surviving. Smaller he wasn’t a threat so he was left alone.  His totem reminda us that everyone has purpose and reason to be while his medicines shares that all life lives on .

Lady moon is waning.  She enters Pisces the Fish at 2:29 pm est.  this is the flowing of warter and spirituality in our lives.  Use water to flush and cleanse away old problems and start each day anew.

I am  here today my usual hours.  May the fairies dance around each of you today. Love ya,Me,

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