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Today I woke up thinking of you, and this day anew, Country Ham sizzling in the pan, a side of sweet peach jam. Whip-poor-will singing in the tree, I think of how great life can be. Walking down a southern lane, with the new day, life will change. But with true southern pride, putting fear aside, I will smile just for today, just for a little while – Deborahmills © Southern Lullabies 2016
The greatest test of courage on earth is to bear defeat without losing heart. Robert Green Ingersoll
The South is the morning is a wonderful place to be. The morning air heady with the roses, the jasmine, the mint from the gardens permeate the slight breeze with an aroma of just peace. Ever since I was small, the South has special memories for me. Living up North for a piece, as soon as we rounded that curve to Pond Switch, my heart would race longing for just a touch of the place. Jumping out of the car, I begged to run back down the hill to Ms Zanie’s store, where men truly did play checkers, the sweet smell of apple tobacco pipes filling the air. Penny candy of jawbreakers were really a penny so Life was grand in the South. In times of loneliness, or upset, running out to the field to pretend that Jesse James was my long lost brother, come riding on the big black horse, me on mine, to take me away. I would change his thieving ways, to make the world safe. Sitting in the small Pond church, 3 rooms in all, I would dream of days when I could and would heal the world. Yet I soon learned that every cowboy isn’t a hero, that race, creed can cause problems, and heartaches sometimes don’t go away. I soon learned we can’t save the world, but we can try one person at a time. Courage to step out, stand for right, lend a helpless to let one person know, that today we can have the courage to bear defeat and renew our hearts. Believe in the dream..
Animal totems: Toad: Bro toad at the door is the heralding of balancing of Mother Earth. His totem is one of earth element as different from frog, who is water, Toad burrows down into the ground to sleep, lay eggs, hibernate. His totem can sit still for long periods, blending in with Mother Earth’s colors and tones,so he seems to not be there. His totem reminds us to balance, center, yet to stand out when we need our dreams. His medicine shares with us the need to stand still sometimes while the spirit moves in our dreams.
Lady Moon is Waning Gibbous with the illumination of 94%. She enters into Aries at 3:18 pm est. the 3rd house of communication of Pisces, the Fish. Harvest time is here. Use rituals of cooking, canning, from our own gardens, as we stir, use our hands, we can send up mantras of good thoughts, and old memories.
I am here today my usual hours, so excited to be able to do this work, to share a glimpse into a positive future. May the fairies dance around each of us today. Love ya, Me, Cherokee,Frankiecapone, Sugar, Apache, Apollo, T
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