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Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. Thomas A. Edison

I have not failed.  I simply have found 10,000 ways a light bulb doesn’t work – Thomas Edison

Try again, to live our day, try again a different way, Smile in the face of something wrong, smile when life requires us to be strong.  Through the good times, through the bad, we can find a way to be glad, – with Love – deborahmills © 2018

My favorite quote is the light bulb quote by Thomas Edison.  Sometimes giving up is a choice we would like to take, but life, the gods, the path seems to drag us, screaming and kicking right back on the path.  The answer is not to change the dream, but the way we move toward the dream.  The dream is given by spiritual visions, while the way may twist and turn, we are still meant to dream, to move, to continue to try.  Dream on, Dream big, Dream

Animal totems:   Deer:  Sister deer is gentle, quiet, but deep inside she is strong and resilient.  Her totem is nurturing, giving, reminding us to remain gentle. Her medicine shares with us to be strong, quietly movingforward.

Lady Moon isWaning Gibbous with an illumination of 59%.  She remains in Cancer the Crab today reminding us in speaking, in life to be gentle and connected.  Wear pink to support  the breast cancer awareness. Pink is a color of candle to light in rituals for love. Pink is a healing color of gentle love, soft romance

I am here my usual hours today. May the fairies dance around each of us today.Love ya, Me,Cherokee,frankiecapone, Sugar,Apache, Apollo, T