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smile, laugh, sing a song,life can be happy all day long, even when hurts come our way, forgiveness, and love is the only way. Dance even when others won’t, sing even when others dont. keep the faith a little more, faith will open many doors with hope – deborahmills (c) 2017

Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding. Albert Einstein

You’ll never find peace of mind until you listen to your heart. George Michael

OR – returns TRUE if any argument evaluates to TRUE = OR(A2>=10,B2<5).  Excel logical formula or equation for a Truism of a spreadsheet. Logic, reason, an impartial unemotional equation that can be trusted. And yet many times the very logic of how it works, defies the realities of humanism. One change in the formula, one typographical error, boom every thing is off.  In our lives, we set the plans, but we forget the human error, the human heart can change the formula we have set in place especially when we bring spirit into the middle.  As the great Divine has mysteries we can’t fathom.  We are unique in our humanism. We are unique in our abilities to dream of impossibilities.  Dream on

Animal totems:  elephant: Sister elephant has a formula. She has a plan, her totem follows the plan, the migration year after year, keeping to her formula. Yet when a change comes, she stops along her path, grieves the past, then changes the plan just a bit slightly to include the change.  Her totem reminds us that planning is good . Her medicines shares to adapt to the changes.

Lady Moon is full Today coming at 6:34 am est.   She sits in Cancer, the Crab. But she is the full moon of new beginnings, and fresh starts.  She is Wolf Moon, the teacher, or Old Man Moon reminding us of wisdom.   Her message is to commit to our dreams, our careers, our families, our loves.  A good stone to carry on this day is Lapis Lazuli –  well – known in Mexican, Hispanic cultures as a stone of dreams. She is a softer stone, crystalized known to help keep gentle dreams. 

I am here my usual hours today. May the fairies dance around each of us today. Love ya, Me, Cherokee, frankiecapone, Sugar, apache, Apollo, T 

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