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I don’t want to sound like a grumpy old man, but nothing winds me up more than people saying, ‘Chill out’ to me when I’m irritated! Martin Freeman

Messy stuff irritates me. I don’t like messiness. If you leave something around my house, I’ll tell you to move it back, clean it up, throw it in the trash – don’t matter, just get rid of it. I need stuff neat, organized. And once I start cleaning stuff, I don’t stop until it’s done. Otherwise I’m irritated all day. Russell Westbrook

Being grumpy is a chore, makes us tired, and so much more.  Finding ways to be happy, calm and free, Knowing truths will come to me, when mind is clear, open to see, a  new way for this day to be. Blessed be- deborahmills © 2017


Baby, its cold outside.*  And Tomorrow most of the world returns to work, life outside of the coziness of our sanctuary, our home.  Irritation sets in well before we even leave home.  Steps to starting our day with calmness can be done with some simple changes in routine.  1. Get up 15 minutes earlier.  Yes, we just want to snuggle in the blankets, but this puts us behind, so we are starting to rush, therefore irritated before we even get up.  2. Eat protein and something hot.  Oatmeal, cream of rice or wheat, with nuts ( walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts etc), banana slices, apple pieces with hot cocoa sets our bodies in the proper place, with warmth, oxygen, and clarity of mind, warming up our spirit as well.3. Have house set up so keys, coats, shoes, wallet, purse is readily easy to grab and run.  Having to search the whole house for phone, keys, gloves is sure to set a foul mood 4. Leave early or a little later to avoid the rush hour traffic.  Nothing ruins our day then rude, slow, traffic.  Avoiding by having a clearer path up ahead will make us smile. 5. Even in the coldest weather, stand in Father sun’s glow for a few seconds.  His brightest will give our spirit a glow. 6. Take deep breaths in and out to send oxygen to the brain.  7. Dress properly.  Nothing makes us more irritable then to have freezing hands because we lost our gloves or cold feet as we didn’t wear our warm boots. 8. Smile at the grumpiest person in the place.  9.avoid negative people until later in the day. 10. Talk to the most positive person we know.  Get uplifted. And then dream  dream on dream big, dream.

Animal totems:  Penguin:  Bro Penguin dresses up properly for living in the ice and snow.  His totem mates for life, and is quite eloquent in his manners when dealing with the rough winds that blow around him. His totem reminds us to let the cold winds of circumstances blow around us, but still remain graceful, eloquent, while his medicine shares to commit to our dreams.

Lady Moon is Full today. She is the first Supermoon of 2018 .  She becomes completely full at 2:24 am actually on the 2nd morning, remaining in Gemini the Twins.  She is called the Wolf Moon, so we know she is a magickal Moon to learn new ways, build hopes and dreams.  Use healing songs to sing at midnight  to “howl” our dreams to Lady Moon as she will hear us.

I will be off today during the day as usual on Monday.  I will return this evening as usual.  May the fairies dance around each of us today.  Love ya, Me, Cherokee, Frankiecapone, Sugar, Apache, Apollo, T

Grammee Deb’s hot porridge:  1 cup steel – cut oats, 1 cup milk (I use whole but skim is okay ) 1 pinch salt.  Boil in heavy saucepan for 4-5 minutes.  This means after the liquid comes to a rolling boil.  Stirring consistently. Pour in bowl. Add ½ tablespoon real butter, 1/8 cup diced apples, ½ sliced banana, 1/8 cup chopped walnuts. Eat hot! Walnuts, oatmeal, source of protein,  milk Vit D, calcium,  Apples, vit C , Bananas Potassium, !! wow,  a great beginning.  

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