Tarot Readings and Palm Readings

yellow bellows


The whole point is to live life and be – to use all the colors in the crayon box. RuPaul 

[The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts. Marcus Aurelius


Being different gives the world color. Nelsan Ellis 

Everything in black and white has great contrast. The Great Highs with the lowest of lows, are very graphic in the black, the white of rules, as the rainbows of color bring the sharp attraction alive. A flash of red,  a brush of blue, streaks across the darkening  sky bringing a brilliant alive that we can hope for, a future to build the hope, the faith we need. To live without color, is like living without hope, we need these things to bring about the new dreams and the life we need to live.  Bring color to our world, bring color to our lives.and dream, dream on .dream big, dream

Animal totems:  yellow bellied sapsucker:  Lady Sapsucker is a small bird, brown with yellow underling. Her totem is one of constant working, playing and movement .Yellow the color of happiness, her totem reminds us to bring cheerful attitudes into our live, while her medicine shares the constant movement into brighter days.

Lady Moon is Waning Crescent. She enters in Aquarius at 6:26 pm est. yellow is the color  of the Sun, Father Sol,  to shine brightness,and light, to move forward. Cheerfulness and faith comes with this color

I am here my usual hours today. May the fairies dance around us all today. love ya, Me, Cherokee,Frankiecapone, sugar, Apache, Apollo, T